Our River′s Ancestors

We proudly introduce the first in a series of four blankets designed by contemporary Native American artist, Marvin Oliver. This original blanket design is titled "Our Rivers Ancestors". "This blanket is a tribute to our Native Peoples ancestors, the Salmon. We honor and celebrate the Salmons life cycle and return home to their riverbeds after the long and arduous journey at sea. The bottom of the blanket represents the Raven and the top border of the blanket depicts the Eagle (two important family crests). Viewing the blanket from the bottom to the top, the salmon are in the deep, cold depths of the ocean returning to their rivers. The salmon in the middle of the blanket are home in the river preparing their nest for the new generation, represented by the egg. The top band of salmon represents the new generation returning and maturing at sea to complete the vital cycle of life".

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