Set of Four Numbered Blankets

My Journey with Raven is only available signed and numbered in this set.

This set consists of Orca, Eagle, ORA and My Journey With Raven.

We proudly introduce the second in a series of four blankets designed by contemporary Native American artist, Marvin Oliver. This original blanket design is titled "My Journey with Raven". "This Blanket represents our mythical Raven in multicolored stripes of red, blue, purple and black. The larger center Raven is created in the traditional formline structure associated with the many Northwest Coast Native villages nestled throughout Canada and Alaska. Raven who is depicted in Nothwest Coast Native mythology is shown here capturing the sun in stripes of yellow, red and viewing the blanket from the bottom to the top the Northwest Coast Ravens in traditional red and black patterns depict the red earth. Ravens play on the grass and watch while Raven flies up through the clouds into the sky to deliver sun, the moon, and the stars. The top band represents the heavens."

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