We proudly introduce the third in a series of four blankets designed by co artist, Marvin Oliver. This original blanket design is woven by Pendleton Woolen Mills and titled "Orca". "This multicolored blanket reflects the majestic power of the Orca, a Pacific Northwest water mammal integral to the tribes of the Northwest Coast. We honor and celebrate the Orcas in their home waters of the Pacific Northwest, where they are known as a sign of good luck. The colorful Orca, with Raven as its dorsal fin, swims through the deep waters of the Pacific, catching the light of the sun along its journey. Viewing the blanket from bottom to top, the salmon, a vital resource for the Orca, swim in the deep blue waters of the ocean. The formline design Orca makes the yearly journey towards its home, where the forests and blue skies of the Pacific Northwest are represented in the top band."

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